We are a husband and wife team, crafting clay jewelry and accessories out of the Pacific Northwest. I, Jennie, discovered polymer clay many years ago when I found my first pair of clay earrings in a local boutique. I had never worn any earrings other than tiny diamond studs because I found many styles to be uncomfortable, but the person at the boutique encouraged me to give them a try and I've never looked back! 

Why Polymer Clay?

Clay is such a versatile medium for jewelry making. It can be sculped to make beautiful life-like flowers, or marbled to create faux stones, and so many other things. But unlike traditional stone jewelry, clay is super light, so it can be worn all day without creating discomfort. Clay is also super durable. It can bend and move without cracking, so it will stand the test of time.

Our Process

At Clay in Color we make every thing by hand, even down to designing our own cutters and texture tools. I start each collection by carefully crafting my own color pallets using just primary colors, red, blue, and yellow with black and white. From there I choose the shapes I want for my designs. I can draw out my ideas and my husband, Ryan, brings them to life by designing cutters for me to use. In many of my designs, I will hand sculpt and/or paint the pieces to create unique art pieces. After curing, Ryan and I assemble the jewelry using high quality findings that are nickel-free and hypoallergenic and studs get a coat of resin on the back to ensure they will never fall off. We source all of our clay and findings from local vendors, right here in the PNW. We take great pride in our work and never cut corners. When you buy from Clay in Color, you are not just buying accessories, but true works of art. 

Thank you for supporting our small business!

- Jennie & Ryan